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Bring your bottles, cans, and beverage containers to Fish Creek Bottle Depot and receive your refund. Save the environment and be rewarded at the same time!

Fish Creek Bottle Depot Your Reliable Bottle Depot in Calgary

Fish Creek is known as one of the best bottle depots in Calgary!

Do you have bottles, cans, and beverage containers that you want to recycle in an environmentally friendly fashion? Bring your recyclables into Fish Creek Bottle Depot and receive your cash refund. We provide a full recycling service for all glass or plastic bottles, bimetal and aluminum cans, and plastic milk containers. This way, you can clear out all your old bottles and containers while also helping to save the planet. We have been in business since 1992, and our state-of-the-art facility allows us to provide fast, efficient service for our customers.

Friendliest Calgary Bottle Depot

Open seven days a week and during most holidays, Fish Creek Bottle Depot offers a full refund on all beverage containers and cans. Visit our depot to experience our fast and efficient service and walk out with your cash refund. If you have not sorted your recyclables, we will also accurately sort them for you. Afterwards, you can make use of our convenient hand-washing facilities. We also have a separate express lane for fast and efficient service. You can bring in your pre-sorted and pre-counted recyclables and drop them off at our facility without any hassle. Here at Fish Creek Bottle Depot, we pride ourselves on providing fast, efficient, and accurate customer service. 

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Expert Bottle Drive Sorting

Save the environment and help your community by recycling your bottles and cans through a bottle drive! One of the best ways to raise funds for your organization or team is through a bottle drive. Fish Creek Bottle Depot is the bottle drive expert in the Calgary area. Our friendly team can work with you to ensure that the bottle drive fundraiser for your organization is a success. We can accommodate both onsite and off-site bottle drives and provide a convenient pickup service once your bottle drive is over.

Computerized Bottle Recycling with Automated Payments

Visit our bottle depot in Calgary today to return your empties at one of the fastest and most reliable depots. We’ve equipped our facility with state-of-the-art technology such as HD cameras and screens that display refunds and a cash dispensing machine. Just insert your bottle count into the ATM-style machine to receive your refund without delay.

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