Bottle Deposits at Fish Creek Bottle Depot

Don’t throw away your recyclable containers. Use our return-it depot for bottle deposit to bag some cash.

What is a Bottle Deposit?

Bottle Deposit by your nearest bottle depot

Recyclable containers can be claimed for a bottle deposit when you dump them at a bottle depot near you. Every bottle purchased for the first time is subjected to a small deposit price that is collected upfront. You can claim the full amount back when you bring back the empty container to a bottle recycling depot. The government decides the bottle deposits through periodic legislation.

Bottle Deposits at our Bottle Return Depot

1 Litre and less: 10 Cents (Dime)

Over 1 Litre: 25 Cents (Quarter)

How can a Bottle Deposit Benefit you?

Ask yourself a question; do you want your deposit amount back from recyclable containers? If yes, then the only way to bag some additional cash is through a bottle deposit at your nearby bottle depot. Fish Creek Bottle Depot should be your top choice in this regard. You can also use our express line to save time while enjoying instant cashback on your bottle deposits. There is no additional cost for bottle deposits, and you will get your full amount back. No questions asked!

Use the Following Containers for Bottle Deposit at Fish Creek Bottle Depot

Tips to get Cashback from Bottle Deposits

Follow these tips if you want a super-smooth experience with your bottle deposits at our bottle recycling depot:

1. Rinse Thoroughly

When you rinse your recyclable containers, you ensure less room for foul odours and pathogens. It also helps in maintaining the hygiene of your Calgary bottle depot. You can leave tabs and labels on your recyclable plastic bottles. You don’t need to crush cans because it will make recycling a more difficult task otherwise.

2. Keep it Tidy

You will not be paid for the garbage bags, carton boxes, or extra packaging. Keep your returnable containers separate from other junk. This will save time for your and the return-it bottle depot.

Pre-sorting can be Helpful.

You don’t need to pre-sort your container when visiting Fish Creek Bottle Depot. However, if you take another step and pre-sort your containers, you will definitely be rewarded by saving time through our express line.

Now Get Even Faster Refunds From Bottle Deposits At Fish Creek Bottle Depot

Tomra’s Automatic Counting Machines

We proudly announce that we have installed TOMRA’s automated counting machine at our return-it bottle depot. Do you know what that means? That means you can get immediate cash for your bottle deposits without waiting for hours in long lines. We aim to make bottle recycling easier for Albertian, and installing automated counting TOMRA* machines is our most significant accomplishment in this regard. Visit Fish Creek Bottle Depot today to get your cash refunds for your recyclable containers in no time.

TOMRA is the most established name in reverse vending innovation, with over 80,000 installations in over 60 markets. TOMRA’s automatic counting machines are the most reliable to get instant cash from bottle deposits.

Bottle Deposits Made Easier

While living in Calgary SE/SW, you can enjoy cash refunds through bottle deposits at our bottle return depot. Get in touch with us today!