Fundraising Drives for Calgary Communities

Calgary Bottle Drives

At Fish Creek Bottle Depot, our friendly team can work with you to organize a bottle drive in the Calgary area for your sports team, community association, children’s group, school or non-profit organizations. Learn about the different value of our containers you can collect from the Alberta Bottle Depot Association and the Beverage Container Management Board. We can help with two different types of bottle drives:

Free Bottle Pickup Truck Services

After your bottle drive has finished, you are welcome to bring your collection to Fish Creek Bottle Depot yourself. You can also use our cargo trailer for free. However, if you think your bottle drive will collect more bottles than your available vehicles can carry, we are happy to help. We will bring our trucks to your collection site to bring the recyclables back to our recycling facility. We can provide trucks that can carry loads as large as 5 tonnes or have a more conventional 1-tonne truck. Call us today to set up your bottle drive!

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How Bottle Drives with Fish Creek Bottle Depot Work

Listed below are the steps you should consider following to have a successful bottle drive:

Step 1: Schedule

To schedule your bottle drive, please fill out the form below:

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    Step 2: Advertise

    Inform residents of the date and time of your bottle drive using social media platforms and other methods.

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    Step 3: Collect

    Ensure you prepare yourself and your volunteers before you start the bottle drive collection. Figure out how many volunteers and vehicles your group has to help you during the collection. Depending on the number of volunteers, you can leave one or two people at a drop-off site and divide the other volunteers as best as possible. Make sure your routes are pre-planned, and you have a map for them. And don’t forget to give each vehicle involved its particular route.

    Once you’re all set up, have fun going door to door to collect bottles. Our utility trailer/cube van will be parked and waiting at the single drop-off point where everyone will gather at the end.

    Step 4: Refund

    Once the drive is complete, please contact us. We will come and pick up the utility trailer/cube van. Using the latest technology, we will help you count and sort all your collected containers. Once we finish counting, we will provide a detailed receipt.

    Please note that we will email your bottle drive totals within a few days after we finish our counting process.

    Convenient Recycling

    We provide free commercial bottle pickup services!


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