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Free Commercial Bottle Pick Service in Calgary

Does your business or organization require convenient recycling in the Calgary area? Save time and fuel with free commercial bottle pickups from Calgary’s Fish Creek Bottle Depot. Whether you want to discard your weekly plastic bottles and containers or clean up after a big office party, we can help. We receive recyclables from several food businesses, institutions, and organizations in the area. With our service, you benefit the Alberta economy and environment rather than add waste to our landfills. All you have to do is keep these recyclables separate from the rest of your trash:

Recycle at No Cost with Free Pick-up

If you manage a food service, institution, or organization, you can accumulate a lot of recyclable material in a week. If your business has vending machines, then cans and bottles can pile up too. Instead of throwing them in the trash, you can recycle them at no cost with Fish Creek Bottle Depot.

We haul recyclable containers in Calgary and the surrounding areas from:

get money for your bottles
Large load? No problem.

We have the vehicles and equipment to pick up large loads of recyclables that you can’t fit in your vehicle for free. Call us today for a bulk pickup of your recyclables.

What Containers We Accept

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