Bottle Recycling Depot For Calgary SE, SW Communities

Do you have bottles, cans, and beverage containers that you want to recycle in an environmentally friendly fashion?
If your answer is yes, then bring your recyclables into Fish Creek Bottle Depot and receive your cash refund.

How do I book a time to drop off?
Please call our bottle depot at 403-256-0845 or please contact us.

Do I have to sort my bottles?
No, you don’t have to when visiting Fish Creek Bottle Depot. We will take care of sorting to make recycling easier for you.

What are the refund rates?
Following the guidelines of Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Corporation (ABCRC), our bottle recycling depot offers the following bottle refund rates:

  • 10 cents for bottles and containers under 1 litre
  • 25 cents for bottles and containers over a litre.

Can I skip the depot line-up?
Of course! Use our presort express line and save time. If you have pre-sorted containers, visit Fish Creek Bottle Depot. We are serving Calgary SE and SW communities.