Fish Creek Bottle Depot

Fish Creek Bottle Depot has revamped its website to improve the user experience.

Fish Creek Bottle Depot is proud to announce the launch of our new website. Our primary goal is to enhance the customer experience and streamline the process of bottle recycling. The newly designed website boasts a modern layout, enhanced navigation, and improved functionality, providing individuals with a simpler and more convenient way to receive refunds for their bottles, cans, and beverage containers.

Fish Creek Bottle Depot has revamped its website to improve the user experience.

Press Release Issued via EIN Presswire

To expand the reach of our services and mission, Fish Creek Bottle Depot published a press release with the help of EIN Presswire. EIN Presswire is an outstanding distribution service enabling businesses to reach a broader audience and gain valuable media exposure. The press release showcases our company’s recent achievements, such as the launch of our new website, our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, and our prominent position in the recycling industry.

Brand New Website with Enhanced User Experience

Our website now features detailed information about our services, location, updates, contact information, and even blog posts. During the redesign process, we prioritized the user experience and incorporated various additional features to ensure a seamless browsing experience for our visitors. We had the privilege of working with Ace SEO Consulting, a renowned agency for web design in Calgary, to bring this new website to life.

Comprehensive Range of Bottle Recycling Services

We have redesigned our website to enhance user-friendliness, particularly by restructuring the main navigation for easier access to important information about our services. Our primary focus has been to provide a convenient platform for users to learn about our bottle recycling solutions offered at Fish Creek Bottle Depot in Calgary. The homepage now features dedicated tabs for each specific service we offer. One of the latest additions to the website is a contact button on the homepage, which directs visitors to a form where they can inquire about our services and location, request a quote, or seek any relevant information.

The Trusted Bottle Return Depot In Calgary

At Fish Creek Bottle Depot, we provide a range of bottle and can redemption services, including bottle recycling, bottle drives, bottle pickup, bottle deposits, bottle returns, and a pickup truck service for bottle collection. Visitors can explore our website to understand better each service we offer. In compliance with Alberta’s laws, every recyclable bottle carries a deposit amount that can be fully refunded upon returning empty containers to any Calgary bottle depot. At Fish Creek Bottle Depot, we guarantee a complete refund on recyclable containers without any inquiries or hassle.

Why Choose Fish Creek Bottle Depot?

We not only accept these recyclables but also offer cash in return. Our recycling services cover many materials, including glass and plastic bottles, bimetal and aluminum cans, and plastic milk containers. By participating in bottle recycling, you contribute to the conservation of the environment and ensure the proper disposal of used bottles and containers.

With our extensive experience in the industry since 1992, we take pride in operating a cutting-edge facility that enables us to deliver prompt and efficient service to our valued clients.


As part of our commitment to serving our clients effectively, we plan to continuously update our website with the latest information on new services, promotions, and bottle return rates. By doing so, we aim to keep our clients well-informed about our services and benefits. If you’re looking to recycle bottles, cans, and beverage containers in an environmentally friendly manner, you can rely on Fish Creek Bottle Depot.