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Why Bottle Depots are an Essential Service During COVID-19

Why Bottle Depots are an Essential Service During COVID-19

Did you know that a bottle depot is an essential service during COVID-19?

Bottle depots in Alberta are currently open amid the coronavirus pandemic for many reasons; if you wonder when – or if – you can return beverage containers for a refund, you’re in luck.

In Alberta, new provincial restrictions ensure that the beverage container recycling industry is protecting the safety of customers and staff. With these new safety measures in place, Albertans ask what rules they have to follow to recycle their beverage containers.

Recycling helps protect the environment, which is why bottle depots are an essential service. Here are answers to common questions about what your local bottle depot is doing to ensure the safety of staff and customers.

Is my Local Bottle Depot Open During the Pandemic?

In Alberta, bottle depots are an essential service. Most of them remain open during the pandemic, although some may have reduced hours. Click here to find an open bottle depot near you. Be sure to call your local depot first to ensure that the hours of operation listed on the website are up to date.

What Safety Measures are in Place at Bottle Depots to Ensure my Safety?

Bottle depots all across the province have many different safety measures in place to protect you and prevent the spread of the virus. These measures vary according to the size and set up of the bottle depot itself. These measures include:

In addition to these safety measures, bottle depots are working together very closely with Alberta Health Services inspectors to ensure all precautions are in place for the well-being of customers and staff members. 

Will my local bottle depot have a lineup?

Due to social distancing requirements, bottle depots can limit the number of people allowed inside at one time, so there may be lineups at some bottle depots. Each depot is working hard to provide safe and efficient service to reduce any wait times.

You can also call ahead to find out the best time to visit your local depot.

I would prefer not to visit a bottle depot at the moment. How can I recycle my beverage containers?

You can store your beverage containers outside, in a garage, or a shed. Be sure to rinse all your containers to prevent any insects or wildlife from getting to them. We also suggest using a reusable bag or certified compostable bag. If you cannot store your containers outside, we recommend keeping them in a water-tight bin in your home.

You can also consider donating your beverage containers to a local charity.

Can I put my containers in the garbage to make it easier?

It is always best to recycle your beverage containers. Remember: you paid a deposit for the containers, and by putting them in the garbage, you are throwing away money. In addition to this, putting recyclable containers in the garbage causes harm to the environment.

You can return your empty containers for a full refund at any time.

Taking your empty containers to a bottle depot ensures that they maintain their value and that recycling facilities can turn them into new types of products. It would be best if you always recycled beverage containers so that they do not end up in landfills. You are doing your part when you recycle them.

Bottle Depots Are Doing Their Part – and You Can Too!

As an essential service, your local bottle depot is doing what it can to ensure the health and safety of both the community and the environment. Recycling is critical to ensure the health of our planet. By doing your part in following precautions during the pandemic and taking your items to bottle depots, you are helping to reduce the amount of waste produced every day.